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@ CT Ain’t So Bad

CT Ain't So Bad (CTASB) will blow your mind with the amount of activities, restaurants, bars, events, etc. that Connecticut has to offer that you might not know about yet and should!!!! Use this website as a portal to all things good in CT...a One Stop Shop.

If you follow CT Ain't So Bad, you will find so many activities in the state of Connecticut that you will not have an excuse to complain again, you won’t be sitting home alone with nothing to do on your weekend, and you will not feel forced to venture outside of this state in order to have fun. CTASB's concentration will only be on the positive so if she doesn't like something it will not be noted... It's a waste of time to focus on the negative. Please feel free to offer up suggestions of places and events you think the world should know about!!!

CT Ain't So Bad (or CTASB) was founded by Jenna Kijowski, a Broadcast Television Editor and Website Owner.

Jenna loves to capture life's authentic moments on camera.
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