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KLOKWIZE kills it at The Hartford Room….a CT Ain’t So Bad Exclusive!!

This past Friday night, February 15th, CT Aintsobad checked out Klokwize at The Hartford Room/East Coast Dog in Hartford.  We found ourselves pondering during and after the show about how they seeped their way into our souls and now have become one of our favorite bands around!! Their overall stage presence and lyrical grooves entranced us!

Check out the interview we got with Klokwize!  He really spoke to what this site is all about “If we invest in each other and each other’s entertainment options and we all are able to see how many choices we have on a Friday night to go out and hear music…it’s not just 1 or 2 clubs, there’s so much to find and taste and experience.”

Videos courtesy of Luke Gorski, Jessica Collins, Jenna Kijowski

“Long Day” by Klokwize
This particular song swells my eyes with tears and gives me the chills.  What beautiful chemistry Klok and Angela have on stage during this performance.  A MUST SEE!  Please disregard the “not so good” camera audio.
Uncut and personal imagery captured by my boy Luke Gorski!

And of course some pics for visual pleasure courtesy of Luke Gorski.  Click here for his Flickr set

The Klokwize Band: Klokwize (vocals) Angela Luna (vocals) Mike Alves (guitar) Geoff Brown (drums) Justin Plante (bass)
Klokwize BIO
Twitter: @KLOKWIZE
Album can be found on iTunes
Link for the studio version of Long Day ft. Brendan D’Amico  — u can d/l it free on the FB page too. —> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1judAr_n8k


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